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Where's Burgess? is seven chapters. In this video, I'm reading Chapter One. The video should play automatically. For sound, just click on that note symbol in the right-hand corner. 

Where's-Burgess--cover small file.jpg
Where's Burgess?
Orca Book Publishers 2018

Where's Burgess? is the first in the series of Reece Hansen books. With recently separated parents, and a lost frog, Reece has a few problems on his hands, but with a stubborness and a sense of humour he goes searching for answers. (Ages 6-8)

Orca Book Publishers 2019

Ruckus is the second book in the series. When Reece Hansen gets a puppy, things get a little chaotic. When Mom's diamond earrings go missing, all the evidence points to Ruckus. I'm so excited to introduce you to this new member of the family. 

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