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Silver Birch Express

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

To my great delight Where's Burgess? has been nominated as a Silver Birch Express recipient. What does it mean? From October to May, kids in Ontario will be reading books and voting on their favourites. In May 2019, Toronto hosts a big gathering of over 250,000 participants called Festival of Trees. All the readers, the authors, illustrators, parents, librarians and just anybody who loves books will be there. Workshops, signings and of course, the announcement of the big winners will all take place May 14-16.

What an exciting time for all the authors involved. My friend, Kari Jones has been nominated for her nonfiction book, A Fair Deal. I'll be crossing my fingers and cheering her on because she and I have been writing buddies for over twenty years. Her category is called Silver Birch. There are many categories of awards depending on the age of the readers and type of book (fiction or nonfiction). I like the idea that many books are being read over the next few months.

Congratulations to all the authors out there and thank you to the readers who are discussing our books in classrooms and libraries.

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